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There are two types of residency permits in Spain, one for EU Nationals and for Non-EU Nationals.
EU Nationals

The process to apply for Spanish residency for existing nationals of the European Union is simpler and more straightforward than for Non-EU.

Countries within the European Economic Area include member states of the European Union and the three countries of the European Free Trade Association: i.e. Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (excluding Switzerland). Switzerland Citizens can apply for Spanish Residency following the same procedures than those within the European Economic Area.

European Citizens must apply for the so-called ‘certificado de registro de la Unión Europea‘ a residency permit which is permanent and (does not expire).

EU residents must prove to have €6,000 in their bank account and a private medical policy or a job offer in Spain. These are the core conditions for residents of the European Union.

A permanent residency permit is issued that allows you to live and work in the territory of Spain. This process for setting up residency is seamless when applied through an authorised registered agent that can guide you through the entire process and assist with the relevant documentation.

NON-EU National

There are two types of residency permits in Spain for EU Nationals, the Golden Visa and the Non Lucrative Visa (NLV):

The Golden Visa

The Golden Visa is a residence visa for non-EU citizens who make a real estate investment in Spain equal to or greater than 500,000 euros. The golden visa is a visa that allows you to live and work in Spain. It can be applied for by anyone who has bought a property directly (no bank loans) of more than 500.000€, individuals who have deposited 1 million euros in a Spanish bank or individuals who have bought shares for 1 million euros.


This is designed for non EU Applicants. In order to successfully apply for a Golden Visa during 2023, the non EU applicants must meet the following requirements:
The Non-Lucrative Visa

If you want to live in Spain, but don’t have an employer who hires one can still can get a Non-Lucrative Visa. Our immigration specialists in Spain will help get through all the paperwork required to get your non-lucrative Visa.

A Spanish non-lucrative visa application is a special residency permit in Spain for non-European individuals who intend to stay in the country for an extended period of time. This residence permit is non-profit in the sense that you will be unable to do any economic or professional activities in Spain.

This residency permit will allow you to settle with your family in Spain by demonstrating the availability of sufficient economic means. This permit can be achieved without working or investing in the country, the main requirement is to demonstrate sufficient economic means to leave in the country, certifying the availability of a non-working monthly income (eg. pension) that satisfies the minimum financial requirements.

The non-lucrative visa requirements are the following:

The main requirement to get the NLV in Spain is to have enough economic means to stay in the country. You must have sufficient funds to cover your maintenance and stay expenses, including, if applicable, those of your family, during the period of time for which you wish to reside in Spain, without the need to carry out any work or professional activity. If you want to work remotely this is not your visa, your visa would be the digital nomad visa.

Proof of funds is the core requirement to obtain the non-lucrative visa in Spain. In 2023, the Spanish Government dictates that you must prove having the following income:

The Process
The procedure for obtaining the initial non-lucrative visa is regulated in article 49 of the Foreigners Regulations. This can be summarized as follows:

The application must be accompanied by these documents:

All documents submitted have to be translated by a Spanish approved translator, It may take the Spanish authorities up to three months to process your application for a non-lucrative residency visa. We are able to assist with all the necessary requirements via our Authorised Registered Agent in Spain.

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