Malta - Start-up Residency Program

The start-up residency programme in Malta is an initiative designed at attracting non-EU nationals. The scope of this program is to attract and support innovative start-ups to set up their businesses in Malta. The programme is run by Malta Enterprise, which is the government’s agency responsible for promoting and supporting economic development in the country.

The start-up residency programme offers a range of benefits to qualifying start-ups, including:


To qualify for the start-up residency programme, start-ups must meet certain criteria, including having a scalable and innovative business idea, a dedicated team, and a solid business plan. They must also be willing to relocate to Malta and commit to establishing their business there.

Overall, the start-up residency programme in Malta provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and start-ups to establish themselves in a thriving business environment and benefit from the support of the Maltese government and business community.

Some of the tax benefits available to start-ups in Malta include:

These tax benefits are designed to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in Malta and help start-ups to grow and thrive in the country. However, it’s important to note that there are certain conditions and requirements that must be met in order to qualify for these tax benefits, and start-ups should seek professional advice before taking advantage of them.

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